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New Horizons, Lebanon
Computer learning center providing computer and IT training services in Lebanon and other countries worldwide.
CIR Consulting and Investment
Providing specialized services in three activity sectors: management consulting, executive search and recruitment and venture development.
Aptech Global Training
IT education and training firm, having franchise centers in India and other countries.
Management Mix International
Provides consulting and training solutions in management and development. Regional headquarters in Lebanon, Cyprus and Armenia.
Matrix Consortium, Lebanon
Consulting, coaching and corporate training firm in Lebanon. Consists of a team of specialized trainers, coaches and consultants with international experience.
International Consulting and Training Network
Independent Lebanese based consulting and training organization that offers quality consulting services and training.
Construction Management Consultant
Leading consulting company in project management and staff training, conducting training seminars prepared by experts in business and engineering fields.
Supec Lebanon
Professional institute involved in business education and professional training.
Formatech Integrated Learning Centers
A technology and integrated learning center in Lebanon, offering technology and business performance skills training courses to companies and individuals.
Young Urban Professionals
Lebanese owned company providing training and consulting services in Lebanon and the Middle East region.
Marketech Training, Lebanon
Training company based in Dora, Lebanon. Provides IT, business and language training in Lebanon and the Arab world.
ACT College
Offering specialized computer related courses for businesses and organizations.
The Leading Minds
Consulting and training firm delivering consultancy and training services, as well as conferences to companies and individuals.
Kawas Consulting, Lebanon
Group of consultants in Lebanon offering consulting services in recruitment and sales development.
Matrix TRC Lebanon
Providing business consulting, training and research services.
DNA Training and Consulting
Provider of product development, executive education and related consultancy services to financial institutions and companies.
America Mideast Educational and Training Services, Lebanon
Provides English language and professional skills training, educational advising, and testing services to students and professionals in Lebanon.
Matters Online
Training center in Lebanon focuses on management skills and team work. Also provides in-house professional training.
Institute For Financial Analysts
Professional firm specialized in preparatory courses and seminars for professional financial designations.
MindXcel UAE
Offers training, consulting and recruitment services in UAE and the Middle East countries.
Starmanship and Associates
Offer customized consultancy and workshops to assist people and companies in achieving performance goals.
The Business Training Center - Haigazian University
Part of the Adult Education Program at Haigazian University, Lebanon. Offers non-credit business training sessions and diploma programs.
Lebanese Development Network (LDN)
National non-profit organization assists individuals, communities and institutions in building their capacities by conveying knowledge and improving their practical performance to meet the development challenges.
Marketech Group, Lebanon
Business services company in Lebanon. Services include training, designing and developing business websites, software solutions, custom programming and more.
Minds Master
Providing training services to aid organizations in making decisive improvements in their objectives and performance.
Dagpa Consulting
Specializes in executive search and management training, finding and placing professionals and senior management for companies across industry sectors in the Middle East.
Computer Training Center (CTC) Lebanon
Integrated computer training center offering IT training, computer software training, web design, graphic design, programming and more.
Expertise Training Center (ETC) Lebanon
Training center established by Mr. Naji Sfeir specialized in offering computer courses in Lebanon.
Roshod for Human and Management Development (HMD) Lebanon
Lebanese based consulting and training organization, offering a variety of consulting and training services.
Wydner Coaches Lebanon
Training company for coaching employees and providing courses in sales management, sales, marketing and more.
HBS for Training and Certification
Hosting and organizing training seminars, conferences, conventions, workshops and events in Lebanon and MENA region.
Blue Incorporated, Lebanon
Provides consulting, training and recruitment services for clients based in Lebanon and the MENA region.
International Management and Training Institute (IMTI) Lebanon
Offers consulting and training services to both governmental and non-governmental organizations in Lebanon.
Morgan Group Lebanon
Offers educational and training services in Lebanon and other countries around the world.
Social Media Exchange Team (SMEX), Lebanon
Provides training and consulting services to civil society and nonprofit organizations in Lebanon. Encouraging media literacy and raising awareness about digital and social media.
Beirut Academy for Travel Sciences, Lebanon
Specialized academy in Lebanon for travel, tourism and freight sciences. Engaged in teaching, training, recruitment and other services.
For Development, Lebanon
Training, consultancy and resource production company in Lebanon offering services for NGO's, governmental institutions, universities, schools and more.
WIN Sales and Marketing Programs, Lebanon
Offer a variety of sales and marketing training solutions for corporates as well as for individuals in Lebanon.
Vision ECTC, Lebanon
Educational counseling and training center offering career counseling, training, technology and more.
Business Training Center, Lebanon
Training center in Lebanon, offers a range of training programs including general management, sales and customer service, human resources management and other topics.
Leadership Management Ireland (LMI), Lebanon
Offers business servives such as management, training and other related services in Lebanon.
Dale Carnegie Training Lebanon
Training company in Lebanon focusing on giving people in business the opportunity to sharpen their skills and improve their performance in order to build positive, steady and profitable results.
MegaTech Center, Lebanon
Testing and training center in Lebanon, providing information and communication solutions including computer, languages and business performance skills training courses to companies and individuals.
ProEtudia Lebanon
Providing professional investment and financing training courses for individuals and business professionals in Lebanon and the Middle East. Courses include stocks and bonds, futures and currencies, technical analysis and more.
JaYan International, Lebanon
Conducting training events, market research, telemarketing and consulting services in Lebanon and the MENA region.
Project Management Institute (PMI), Lebanon
Offers project management training and consulting services in Lebanon.
Knowledge City Management (KCM), Lebanon
Offers training and continuing education services in Lebanon and the Arab world.
Obelisk Education Ltd., Lebanon
Provides educational and training services locally and regionally for companies, institutions and individuals.
Landscape Academy
Founded by a group of professional landscape architects and environmentalists. Offers a certificate program in Garden Design, designed to expose students to the history, garden language, materials, and methods of designing residential gardens.
Blossom Into Life, Lebanon
Website of Grace Khleif, a Lebanese Canadian certified professional co-active coach, an angel craft energy healer based in Lebanon.
Jewelry Technological Institute of Lebanon (JTIL)
Founded by Mr. Alfred El-Hage. Provides training courses on the formulating of jewelry to students in Lebanon, Middle East and Africa. Based in Dekwaneh, Lebanon.
MCA - People Solutions, Lebanon
International training and development consulting firm in Lebanon. Provides business and professional solutions, consultancy services, recruitment services, people development and training programs.
Middle East Audio Suite (MEAS), Lebanon
Authorised digi-design pro-school, housed in StudioVision complex in Naccache, Lebanon. Offers training and pro tools knowledge.
GFC - Providing Solutions to Online Financial Traders
Provides solutions to the online financial trader. Explains and teaches about the market risk and how to trade using technical analysis tools to stay safe.
Ideas Group Consultancy, Lebanon
Human capital development firm based in Beirut, Lebanon. Specialized in leadership and team development. Services include management consulting, generic training courses for immediate impact, tailor-made workshops and experiential learning experiences.
MindMerge LCC, Lebanon
Consulting and training firm in Lebanon.
NBTS sarl, Lebanon
Provides consultancy services, training services, and mystery client services in Lebanon. Specialized in behavioural training programs and in personal development trainings.
LSA Group for Hopitality Management, Lebanon
Training needed staffs for restaurants, clubs, events and catering in Lebanon.
Advanced Vocational Training Center (AVTC), Lebanon
Cares about Lebanese children who dropped out of school to work at early ages and subjects them to rehabilitation program to raise their skills.
New Computer Center (NCC), Lebanon
IT training company in Lebanon. Provides IT training, business skills training and certification training. Also offers computer sales, training, maintenance services and more.
Icebreaker Training, Lebanon
Offering training services in different industries in Lebanon including sales and marketing, human resources, leadership and management, change management, finance and accounting, administration and secretarial, customer service and communication skills.
Ajwaa Al-Ariz, Lebanon
Training, consulting and recruitment company in Lebanon. Part of Al-Future group in KSA for training and consultancy.
Rahma Center, Lebanon
Rehabilitation and training programs for Lebanese orphans who dropped out of school before completing their education in order to help them build their future.
AdvantEdge Consultancy & Training, Lebanon
Consultancy and training company based in Beirut,Lebanon. Offers workshops in soft skills training and executive coaching.
Nadine von Conrad - Image & Etiquette Consultant, Lebanon
Designs different coaching programs in Lebanon on image management, personal shopping excursions, interpersonal communications coaching, protocol & etiquette coaching, certified make up courses and more.
Roshod for Human and Management Development, Lebanon
Training center in the fields of educational, management and human development. Situated in Beirut, Lebanon.
Finance and Management Consultants, Lebanon
Company in Lebanon offering financial consultancy and trainings seminars related to financial topics.
Focus Academy - Training and Media Consulting, Lebanon
Training and media consulting company in Lebanon.
PragmaDoms - Training Coaching and Development, Lebanon
Offers personal and business development training in Lebanon. Established by Nada Jreissati Daher.
Anthony Rizk, C.Ht.
Website of Anthony Rizk from Lebanon. A certified hypnotherapist, master hypnotist, self-hypnosis teacher, master NLP practitioner, corporate trainer and a personal development coach.
Corporate Training Solutions Network, Lebanon
Global knowledge facilitators with offices in Lebanon, focused on the empowerment of individuals and organizations who wish to achieve results.
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