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Social Organizations in Lebanon
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UN Escwa - Lebanon Commission
Website of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia - Commission of Lebanon.
YMCA Lebanon
Young Men's Christian Association of Lebanon.
Rassemblement Canadien Pour Le Liban
Nonsectarian, nonprofit human rights organization, composed of Lebanese and Canadian citizens.
Non-profit organization based in Lebanon working on various human rights issues, mainly the struggle for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equality.
Injaz Lebanon
Non governmental and non profit organization established in order to educate the youth about entrepreneurial and leadership skills to enhance their economic opportunities in Lebanon.
Sun Grand Lodge Of Lebanon
A freemasonry lodge in Lebanon.
Caritas Lebanon
A non-profit organization whose goals are to help the needy.
Auxilia Lebanon
Lebanese non-profit charitable organization, helping orphan children and poor and displaced people by providing them with necessary primary, medical and educational needs.
Al-Mabarrat Association Lebanon
Non-profit islamic organization, providing academic and vocational education mainly for orphans, deaf and blind. Orphanages, schools, institutions and medical centers, ponsorship and activities.
Association for Volunteer Services, Lebanon
Non-profit, non-sectarian, non-governmental organization aims to promote, facilitate and improve volunteering and community service throughout Lebanon.
SOS Children's Villages
Independent social welfare organization to help orphaned and abandoned children and young people in need.
Lions Online Blood Bank, Lebanon
Online blood bank aims to provide a quick link between donors and people in need of blood.
Asscoiation of Zgharta Ehden in Australia
This web site is dedicated to many great Leaders from Zgharta - Ehden in north Lebanon who fought tirelessly, fearlessly and died for a free and sovereign Lebanon.
Al Amal Institute for the Disabled, Lebanon
Registered Lebanese charity in aid of the disabled. Famous for the Winter Sweater program distributing warm clothes to the needy through other institutions and charities.
Ajialouna Organization, Lebanon
Nonprofit organization dedicated to educational, health and social welfare.
Arc En Ciel Lebanon
A social organization caring for the handicapped in Lebanon.
Hariri Foundation
A non-profit organization founded by former Lebanese Prime Minister Mr. Rafic Hariri. Its mission is to make education a means for the development of the young in Lebanon.
Association for the Development of Palestinian Camps in Lebanon
Charitable organization providing employment for refugees through self-help, with embroidery workshops, kindergartens and training programs.
Dar Al-Makassed Al-Islamia Lebanon
Non-profit, non-governmental organization established in Beirut-Lebanon in 1878. Makassed provides educational, medical and social services for the Lebanese community.
Imam Sadr Foundation
A non-profit, public interest social and developmental charitable association.
Child Labor Unit, Lebanon
Unit for the Combat of Child Labour in Lebanon at the Ministry of Labour.
Lebanese NGO Forum
The Lebanese Non-Governmental Organizations Forum represents a coordinating framework for lebanese NGOs acting in various social, health and educational sectors.
Association of Islam Charitable Projects
Non-profit educational and social association. Website includes information, objectives, contact details and more.
Bassma Humanitarian Association, Lebanon
A humanitarian association that helps people in need, with no political or religious distinction.
Beirut Los Angeles
A nonpartisan albeit progressive project for peace, linking Americans with Lebanon in particular and the Middle East more generally. It intends to serve NGOs operating in Los Angeles, Beirut and other cities in the United States and the Middle East.
Youth Association for Social Awareness (YASA) Lebanon
Association for social awareness in Lebanon, with focus on driving safety, organizing campaigns to reduce car accidents and related injuries.
Johann Ludwig Schneller Schule
An evangelical ecumenical institution. Provides a healthy home to socially and vocationally underprivileged children regardless of their gender, race or religion.
Lions Clubs International - District 351, Lebanon
An informative page about District 351 of Lebanon and Jordan, its history, members, clubs, events and more.
Rotary Clubs Lebanon
Rotary clubs in Lebanon District 2450.
House of Lebanon - Lebanese American Foundation
Non-sectarian, non-religious, non-political charitable organization, dedicated to the establishment and operation of the House of Lebanon in California.
Fares Foundation Lebanon
A private, non-profit institution founded by Mr. Issam Michael Fares. Provides support community through cultural, educational, health, sport and developmental programs.
Oum El Nour Organization
Lebanese social organization consisting of volunteers and specialists aims at helping drug addicts.
Sesobel - Anta Akhi, Lebanon
Charitable organization in Lebanon for the service of disabled children and their families. Sponsoring and donation programs.
Friends of the Disabled Association, Lebanon
Association founded by parents whose children have different abilities, to provide care for persons with disabilities and to give support to their families.
The Walid Maalouf Foundation, Lebanon
An educational non-religious, non-sectarian and non-political organization in Lebanon. Aims to help needy Lebanese students reach their educational goals
build a library and an international center for every Lebanese child
encourage reading at home.
Social Welfare Institutions - Dar Al Aytam, Lebanon
Lebanese Muslim non-profit organization helping needy children, widows, senior citizens and people with developmental disabilities.
Lebanese Cultural Nostalgic Journal
Previously the Lebanese Club of New Jersey. Community website for Lebanese in New Jersey. Features social events and activities and other Lebanese related links and resources.
The General Grand Lodge of Prince Lebanon
One of the biggest Grand Lodge of Freemasons in Lebanon.
Human Concern International, Lebanon
Involved in building self-sustainable short and long term development projects, in addition to providing relief and humanitarian assistance for the sake of the disadvantaged groups.
Makhzoumi Foundation, Lebanon
Social organization in Lebanon, with several activities and programs including civic centers, social awareness, health care and more.
Cultural and humanitarian organization dedicated to financially assisting needy lebanese students.
Lebanese American Association
Serving the Lebanese Community in California since 1989. The LAA is active in bringning together the lebanese community for a variety of cultural, educational and charitable events.
Al-Huda Lebanese Muslim Society
Islamic organization providing youth center, educational and development programs.
Southern Federation of Syrian Lebanese American Clubs
The Southern Federation of Syrian Lebanese American Club is an organization of heritage established in 1931 by first generation Americans of Syrian Lebanese descent.
Beirut Association for Social Development
Non-profit organization with programs targeting urgent social, economical and educational problems.
Time for Sharing
An international charity movement focuses on creating and organizing Fun Days of entertainment for disadvantaged children.
Acacia1 Cedars Grand Lodge
A freemasonry lodge in Lebanon.
National Alliance of Lebanese Americans
An American based organization whose aim is to aid Lebanon through its humanitarian efforts to send money and medicine to Lebanon and educational efforts of publishing commentaries on Lebanon.
Islamic Emdad Charitable Committee
Providing care and support for the orphans, poor and disabled regardless of their religious and sectarian background.
Taaheel - Toufic Tabbara Center, Lebanon
Non-profit, non-government organization founded to help Lebanese young learners succeed in school and life.
Australian Druze Community Website
Non-profit organization aiming to help Druze people in Australia.
Hariri Foundation USA
USA home page of this non-partisan non-sectarian not-for-profit organization. Supports technical training of the Lebanese scholars in over 32 major fields of study.
Lebanon Reads! - Corporate Volunteer Council of Lebanon
A program of the Association for Volunteer Services in Lebanon to encourage reading and donating books to Lebanese public libraries.
Orient De Canaan, Lebanon
Latest news, activities and projects of the Orient De Canaan freemasonry association in Lebanon and world wide.
Al-Tanmia Association
Social organization aims to serve the poor people and orphan children in Lebanon, mainly in Bekaa area.
IRIS Lebanon - Independent Resource and Information Services
Non-profit civil society organization disseminates news briefs and analysis on NGOs, poverty and social development in Lebanon.
Rene Moawad Foundation
Foundation of the assassinated Lebanese President Rene Moawad. Promotes sustainable development on principals of social justice, human rights and democracy and the protection of the environment.
Safadi Foundation
Social organization dedicated to the development of individuals and groups through spreading public awareness about problems that hinder development.
Youth Against Drugs
Non-profit organization for social welfare in Lebanon, aims to create awareness among non-addicts and provide prevention and healing means for the once addicted individuals.
Website of a Lebanese association for youth awareness on road safety.
Al-Jarha Organization
Charitable organization providing social and health care for the handicapped and people injured durog the war in Lebanon.
Chouf Rotary Club - Lebanon
Official website of Chouf Rotary Club - Lebanon, Disctrict 2450. Activities, board, members and information about Chouf region.
Women's Association of Deir el Ahmar
Lebanese non-profit, non-governmental organization aims to promote women's role in rural development and welfare of society.
Child of Lebanon
Childhood observatory works in cooperation with professionals and human resources in contact with children, in order to develop skills, expand knowledge and enhance collaboration.
Al-Jana - Arab Resource Center for Popular Arts
Non-profit Lebanese NGO involved in the promotion of active learning and creative expression.
YWCA Lebanon
Lebanon affiliate of the international Young Women's Christian Association, provides social and educational development programs.
Norwegian People's Aid Lebanon
Branch of Norwegian humanitarian aid organization, supporting the Palestinian refugees and the poor Lebanese population afflicted by war.
Canadian Ain Ebel Association
Social organization dedicated to promoting the Ain Ebel heritage in North America.
Cedars Social Club Toronto, Canada
Non-profit organization dedicated towards the Canadian-Lebanese community, organizing social and cultural events.
Future Youth Movement USA
USA chapter of the Future Youth Movement, a national non-sectarian group in Lebanon founded by late Rafik Hariri.
World Rehabilitation Fund Lebanon
Humanitarian non-profit private voluntary organization aims to initiate, develop and implement rehabilitation programs targeting people with disabilities.
Al Zaher Association
Social welfare institutions, aims to create means of communication with companies and financial enterprises, orienting their investments towards public interest.
National Institution of Social Care and Vocational Training
Humanitarian non-governmental organization contributes to the development of the economic and social conditions for Palestinian refugees families.
Act for Lebanon
US registered foundation serving talented Lebanese, supporting events and providing educational programs.
Faith and Light International
Official website of the International Association Faith and Light for helping people with physical disabilities in all around the world.
Foyer de l'Amitie Lebanon
Non governmental social organization offering social and educational activities in Zahle, Lebanon.
Pipe Club of Lebanon
Offers news, events, the picture of the pipe of the month, tools and a members area.
Saint Georges Youth Kfeir Lebanon
Website about Saint Georges Youth of Kfeir village in Lebanon working in order to maintain Kfeir folks, heritage and culture.
Heart Beat Lebanon
Humanitarian charitable organization with the mission to make surgical technology available for needy children with heart disease.
Lebanese Center for Special Education
Nonprofit organisation created by the Lebanese and expatriates, aims to help the children who are learning disabled.
Druze Foundation for Social Welfare
Provides social care to all Lebanese and particularly to the Druze community through community services at the human and socio- economic levels.
Lebanese Cooperative for Development
Social association founded by Reverend Father Youakim Moubarak, providing assistance for the refugees and poor society in Lebanon.
Islah Islamic Organization
Aims at developing a well educated community, through operating religious and educational institutions and training programs.
Liban-Italy - Lebanon Italy Together
International humanitarian association providing social support and help for local communities.
Tahaddi Lebanon
Social organization providing support for families in the fields of healthcare, education and social development.
Rotary Club Baabda, Lebanon
Website of the Rotary Club of Baabda, Lebanon. Information about the club, members, news, calendar of events and more.
Touche Pas au Liban - Don't Touch Lebanon
Group of Francophone and Lebanese civilians working to support Lebanon.
United Lebanon Foundation
Charity co-op foundation aims to stimulate social activities and charity work to help the Lebanese people out of its crisis and tragedy.
Canadian Druze Society of Ontario (CDS) - Ottawa Chapter
Website of the Canadian Druze Society of Ottawa. Committee, events and pictures.
English Speaking Union - Lebanon
An independent, non political, non governmental educational charity association.
Filles de la Charite - Zouk Mikael
Educational, social and charitable organization in Zouk Mikael, Lebanon.
Domain: fdlc-zouk.com
Tamanna Lebanon
Non profit association that grants the wishes of children with critical illnesses in Lebanon.
Le Cedre sur Seine
French-Lebanese association based in France. Mission, committee, events, magazine and more.
Beirut Los Angeles
Non-partisan progressive project for peace, linking Americans with Lebanon in particular and the Middle East more generally.
Lebanese Welfare Association for the Handicapped
Non-governmental, non-profit organization founded by Mrs. Randa Berri, serving the physically disabled through a range of medical and rehabilitation srvices.
Tibnin Council of North America (TCNA)
Social organization aims to bind the members of the Tibnin community both locally and abroad in order to strengthen ties and promote on-going communication.
Habitat for Humanity Lebanon (HFHL)
Aims to help displaced Lebanese families in South Lebanon by providing the necessary materials and financial assistance which enables families to reconstruct, repair, renovate or complete their homes.
Midade Liban
Website of the Lebanese chapter of the International Apostle Movement for Children.
Kurdish Lebanese Association (KLA) Lebanon
Official website of the Kurdish Lebanese Association for social services in Lebanon.
Rotaract Club of Kesrouan
Website of the Rotaract Club of Kesrouan, Lebanon, District 2450. About the club, news, calendar of events and more.
Popular Aid Committee
Non-governmental and non-profitable association offers medical and social services in Lebanon.
Canadian Druze Society of Ontario (CDS)
Lebanese organization in Canada aiming to promote cultural knowledge of Lebanon and Druze history, values and traditions.
Maytam Al Chaarani
Social organization in Tripoli, providing a shelter home and care services for orphans and poor children.
Offre Joie Lebanon
Volunteer nonprofit organization originally established in France, addresses social challenges ranging from school and prison conditions to domestic violence.
Basil Fuleihan Foundation
Aims to promote public policies, accelerate economic development and to encourage improvements in public service.
Koudourat Association
Social organization helping Lebanese in an attempt to lower the unemployment rate in Lebanon.
YMCA Lebanon Pillar
Reform project targeting youth groups, media and civil organizations with the collaboration of An-Nahar newspaper YMCA Lebanon and other associations.
Kurdish Association Committee
Official website of the Kurdish Association Committee for Ain Al Mraisse and Mina Al Huson in Lebanon. Profile, objectives, contact details and more.
Non profit Lebanese foundation aiming to stimulate social activities and charity work to help the Lebanese people out of its crisis and tragedy.
Social Mouvement Lebanon
Aims to improve the citizenship and autonomy of the underprivileged in Lebanon through socio-economic development projects.
Future Youth Movement
Future Youth Movement website in Canada.
Maronite Foundation in the World
Aims at regaining the Maronites outspread worldwide and reviving their affiliation to Lebanon despite their residence abroad.
Afkar Lebanon
Program financed by the European Union and managed by OMSAR, for the strengthening of the Lebanese civil society.
Al-Akiki Charitable Association, Lebanon
Charitable and social organization aims to facilitate cooperation between Al-Akiki family members, and consolidate all documents, help the needy of them and more.
Al-Kafaat Foundation, Lebanon
Social organization provides medical and social care to any person suffering from any physical, mental, hearing and social handicap.
Beyrouth Accueil
Official website of the non political Lebanese French association working in order to organize activities and events for French people living in Lebanon.
Friends of Lebanon Organization
Aims to encourage for a better and more peaceful Lebanon through accepting the differences of each other.
Los Angeles Cedars Rotary Club (LACRC)
Social organization aims to improve life, education and health in the Lebanese American community in Los Angeles.
Societe de Saint Vincent de Paul Lebanon
Website of Saint Vincent de Paul Society in Lebanon. History, activities, conferences, announcements and more.
Friends of Byblos Association
Non-governmental association in Byblos aiming to promote the development of the area of Jbeil, its human resources, and the enhancement of its heritage through various projects.
Lebanese Physical Handicaped Union
Non-profit organization of people with physical disabilities in Lebanon. Events, activities, projects and more.
Druze Social and Medical Welfare Fund
Lebanese social organization offering medical and social services to Druze in Lebanon.
United Lebanese Solidarity Fund (ULSF)
Fund to support and compensate the victims of the blasts in Lebanon.
Los Angeles Beirut Sister Cities
Social organization established to create a bridge of understanding and friendship between the residents of these two cities, and to foster cultural, social, and business exchange.
Lebanese Institue for Social and Economic Development
Non-profit NGO specialized in helping the persons displaced by the wars in Lebanon since 1986.
Zakat House Lebanon
Social Islamic organization aims to help the orphans in Lebanon.
Lebanese Institution for the Blind
Private charity organisation taking care of the blind medically, psychologically, socially and economically and providing them with scientific, cultural and professional education.
Mada Communities and Environment Lebanon
Non Governmental organization working towards the consolidation of the relationship between local communities, their natural environment and their subsistence needs in ways that respect traditional lifestyles.
Hammana Club of Southern California
Carry out charitable and educational goals, in particular as pertains to the community of immigrants in the United States and in support of the needy and young of Hammana, Lebanon.
Pearl Foundation Lebanon
A foundation aiming to support the damaged people during the war in Lebanon.
Grand Orient Arabe, Lebanon
Latest news, activities of Grand Orient Arabe Lodge in Lebanon.
Lebanon Support
Aims to cover the coordination needs of committees as well as providing a platform to link their work with INGOs, the UN systemand other resource stakeholders.
Maharat Foundation - Lebanon
Organization for supporting journalism skills in Lebanon and the Arab world.
European Druze Society (EDS)
European Druze society website for giving the opportunity to meet, to share common ideas and to keep traditions alive.
Social and Economic Action for Lebanon (SEAL)
Non profit organization, founded in New York by a group of Lebanese Americans, aims to improve the standard of living of the lower income segment of the Lebanese population.
Cultural Movement - Antelias Lebanon
Non profit cultural organization promoting dialogue among the different Lebanese society in all sectors in order to strengthen the national unity on the basis of sovereignty and independence.
Charitable Trust and Socio Educational League (CTSEL), Lebanon
Social organization aims to provide educational, social, charitable and health activities in Lebanon.
Michel and Fadwa Fattoush Foundation
Charitable organization founded in the honor of Mr Michel and Mrs Fadwa Fattouche in Zahle, Lebanon.
Canadian Druze Society of Quebec
Website of the Canadian Druze Society of Quebec. News, announcements, articles, pictures and more.
Lebanon Youth Network
Working in order to help all the youth in the Arab world to success with their projects.
DefiLiban Association
Non-profit association organizing social and educational activities for children and students in Lebanon. Website includes information, news, events and contact details.
Skoun - Lebanese Addiction Center
Provides treatment and services for drug users in Lebanon.
Mission of Life Lebanon
Non profit humanitarian association in Lebanon providing social support and help for children in need.
LOKH - Armenian Relief Cross in Lebanon (ARCL)
Official website of LOKH, the Armenian Relief Cross organization in Lebanon (ARCL).
Grand Lodge Bet-El, Lebanon
Website of the Grand Lodge Bet El, a freemasonry lodge in Lebanon.
Friends of Switzerland in Lebanon Club
Website of the Friends of Switzerland in Lebanon Club.
My School My Community Lebanon
Provides information about the National Community Service Project (NCSP) in Lebanon.
Azm and Saade Association, Lebanon
Social organization offering social, economical, educational and health services for people in Lebanon.
Al-Shahid Organization, Lebanon
Social charitable organization seeks to help the martyr families in Lebanon.
Al Younbouh Rehabilitation Center Lebanon
Non residential rehabilitation center for mentally disabled young adults in Lebanon.
Islamic Welfare Association (ISWA), Lebanon
Islamic charitable organization in Lebanon, aims to help orphans, handicapped, disabled and injured people in Lebanon.
Cudmos Lebanon
Website providing information about Children and Youth Development and Mobilization of Opportunities in Lebanon.
Mubadarat - Development Initiatives, Lebanon
Non profit and non governmental organization seeks to create initiatives and contribute to the social, economic and civic development of Lebanese society.
Peace For Lebanon
A group for everyone that loves and cares about Lebanon.
Sidon Orphan Welfare Society Lebanon
Charitable organization aiming to housing and raising the orphans and homeless children in Saida, Lebanon.
Youth for Tolerance, Lebanon
Non governmental organization aims to promote a culture of tolerance that will result in respect, acceptance and appreciation of religious and political diversity in Lebanon.
Lebanese Franciscan Sisters of the Cross - Home of Abouna Yaacoub
Religious foundation in Lebanon founded by Abouna Yaacoub Al-Kabouchi. Offers charitable activities like hepling the sick people, taking care of the miserable, the blind and other related activities.
No for Drugs, Lebanon
Social organization aims to create awareness against the use of drugs, specially among the youth in Lebanon.
World Vision Lebanon
Christian humanitarian organisation working to create lasting change in the lives of children, families and communities living in poverty in Lebanon.
Irish Lebanon Project
Irish charity organization serving the people of Lebanon. Profile, volunteers, photos, contact details and more.
Antonine Sisters Adult Day Care, Lebanon
Non profit organization offering services for elderly people such as transportation, therapy, podiatry care and more.
Astuha - Association of Tutors of Handicapped Lebanon
Association established by parents of mental disabled children in Jbeil, Lebanon.
Diman Association of Canada
Association established by Lebanese young people who have come from Diman, Lebanon in order to organize summer festivals and activities in Canada.
Union for Protecting Childhood in Lebanon
Social organization aiming to protect childhood in Lebanon. Profile, photos, documents and contact details.
National Organization for Organ Tissue Donation and Transplantation
Non profit organization aims to provide locally retrieved organs and tissues to patients in need of organ and tissue transplantation in Lebanon.
Azm and Saade Association, Lebanon
Website of Azm and Saade Association in Lebanon. Includes information, news, activities, photos, contact details and more. Based in Tripoli, Lebanon.
Beity Association, Lebanon
Aims to raise cultural and educational level between children from different countries.
Jesus Heart for Charity (JHC), Lebanon
Charity organization provides human, religious and social activities for people in Zahle, Lebanon.
Merabia Community, Lebanon
Islamic charitable wakf establishment provides human, social and cultural services to people in Lebanon.
Al-Nibrass Organization, Lebanon
Social organization provides medical and educational aids for poor people in Lebanon.
Association Najdeh, Lebanon
Non-governmental social organization with the headquarters in Beirut, Lebanon. Provides services in vocational training, social affairs, early childhood education, embroidery production and marketing.
Crossroad Committee, Lebanon
Aims to help the Lebanese war invalids and disabled persons in Lebanon.
Blood Bank - Lebanon
Charity website aims to build a database of names of blood donors, their blood groups and mobile numbers in Lebanon.
Fondation Saradar Lebanon
Foundation established in order to achieve social equity, economic prosperity and environmental protection in Lebanon.
CIFA - Center for Insertion by the Formation and the Activity
Association working in order to give a better distribution and an equal opportunity for men in Lebanon.
Jeunesse Contre La Drogue (JCD), Lebanon
Lebanese youth social association promoting awareness against drug use in Lebanon.
Beyond Association, Lebanon
Non-profit organization in Lebanon, aiming at promoting cultural, educational and social issues among different categories in the community, specially children, youth and women.
Rosae Christi Charity Organization, Lebanon
Nonprofit charity organization helping families in need, orphans and retired lonely people.
Al-Houda Association, Lebanon
Non-profit charitable, social and medical association in Abadieh, Lebanon.
Lithuanian Lebanese Society
Non-profitable, non-political and non-religious organization dedicated to create goodwill, understanding, friendship and unity amongst the Lebanese people living in Lithuania.
Patriarch Nasrallah Sfeir Foundation, Lebanon
Social organization with several activities and programs serving the needy people in Lebanon.
See Thru Lebanon
Aims to create awareness on issues relating to transparency in Lebanese governance.
Freemasonry in Lebanon
Website of the Freemasonry in Lebanon. Lodge, chapters, articles and more.
Union Cultural Libano Venezolana (UCLV)
Non profit civil organization organizing activities for the Lebanese people or Lebanese descendants in Venezuela.
Inma Foundation, Lebanon
Charity foundation offering social, medical and humanitarian services in Lebanon.
Tribute to a Great Nation Lebanon
Aims to unite all the Lebanese web surfers around the four corners of the globe under one picture and one flag.
Wisdom Light Lodge No. 88, Lebanon
Website of the Wisdom Light Lodge No. 88 for free and accepted masons in Lebanon.
Australian Lebanese Christian Federation
A non-profit charitable association that aims to encourage and help the Lebanese Arabic speaking community in Australia to establish a harmonious settlement and integration within the Australian community.
Fun Raising Website
Non profit collaborative project aims to draw a smile on the faces of underprivileged kids through collecting toys to the children of TBA organization in Lebanon.
IECD - Institut Europeen de Cooperation et de Developpement
Non-profit organization in Lebanon for international solidarity. Supporting social and economic development programs in developing countries.
Sons of Chekka Club
A charitable, religious, educational, scientific, non-profit organization for the men and women of Lebanese heritage in the United States.
Nabaa Lebanon - Partners in Child Rights & Community Development
Aims to support children who at most at risk of violence in Lebanon and who dropped out from school and living in particularly hard circumstances.
Al-Fursan Association
Non profit association in Lebanon directed by Dr. Rifaat Al-Asad, brother of former President of Syria, Hafiz al-Assad, and his son Ribal. Website shows activities, news, contact details, history and more.
Association Elias, Lebanon
Non-profit social and developmental charitable association established in Switzerland for helping poor people in Lebanon.
Al-Midan Association, Lebanon
Social organization founded by Minister Suleiman Frangieh in Ehden, Lebanon. Developing the society in different levels such as health, social, economical and more.
Lebanese Great Federal Orient Website
Website of the Lebanese Great Federal Orient, the Scottish rite masonry of Lebanon.
Social Services Association (SSA) Tripoli, Lebanon
Social services association located in Tripoli, Lebanon. Provides physical, psychological, social and medical care for the aged, mental illness and physically handicapped people.
Agape Children Society Blog
Non-profit organization aims to reduce poverty in the Lebanese society through its social and charitable activities.
Future Health - Cord Blood Care, Lebanon
Cord blood stem cell collection in Lebanon and worldwide.
Heart for Lebanon
Association aims to facilitate proper education, provide humanitarian aid, strengthen community development and promote leadership empowerment in Lebanon and the neighborhood.
Australian Saghbine Charity Association (ASCA)
Non-profit organization established in 1962 by a group of Lebanese immigrants from Saghbine, seeking to provide welfare, social, representative to the people from Saghbine in Australia and Lebanon.
Feil Amer Association, Lebanon
Association in Lebanon specifically promoting Arabic language.
Takaful for Child Welfare, Lebanon
Non-profit organization in Lebanon working for children well being.
Ahlouna Association, Lebanon
Non-profit, public interest social and developmental charitable association in Saida, Lebanon.
Lebanese Youth Hostel Foundation (LYHF)
Charity organization in Lebanon. Aims to promote the education and cultural knowledge of young people in Lebanon.
Safadi Foundation USA
Public charitable tax-exempt organization works in Lebanon and the United States.
You Are Not Alone (YANA), Lebanon
Provides assistance for Lebanese families facing social difficulties and offers services like dispensary, clinic, orphanage, foster home, children and women groups.
Bonheur du Ciel, Lebanon
Organization in Lebanon accommodates drug addicted young men.
Khaled Foundations, Lebanon
Social foundations in Lebanon cares for patients, orphans and poor people in its health, educational and social institutions.
Oumnia - An Association for Sick Children, Lebanon
Non-profit association of youth and adults volunteers who show solidarity to the problems of sick children in Lebanon.
Shabab Azm, Lebanon
Website of Shabab Azm association in Lebanon. Information, activities, archives, contact details and more.
Cedars for Care Organization, Lebanon
Non governmental organization assists in developing Lebanese community.
Eye vision Association, Lebanon
Association works on the development issues in Lebanon, specialized in providing recreation services to individuals of special needs of all ages with various facilities and accessibility.
Sawa Group Website
Non profit association in Lebanon aims to spread the concepts of peace and development. Organizes social, educational and environmental activities that concern youth and children.
Anwar Al-Mahabba Association, Lebanon
Non-profit charitable, social and medical association in Badaro, Lebanon. Profile, services, events, photo gallery, contact details and more.
Da3em - Institution for Humanitarian Information and Research
Provides humanitarian information and research thus supporting the ability of civil society to in response to humanitarian crisis in Lebanon.
The Oasis of Charity, Lebanon
Offers diverse social and charitable services in Lebanon.
DSPCF - Development Studies & Pedagogic Clinic Foundation, Lebanon
Civil establishment situated in Beirut,Lebanon. Helping the Lebanese society in the fields of human and pedagogic development.
Mourouj Al-Mahabba Association, Lebanon
Non-profit organization offers medical services and organizes social and religious activities around Lebanon.
Emkan for Sustainable Microfinance and Community Development
Lebanese non-governmental organization provides access to micro-financial services for the economically active poor in Lebanon.
Hike of Hope, Lebanon
Team of 5 Lebanese men trekking to the summit of highest peak in Africa, Mount Kilimanjaro, in attempt to raise awareness of the children cancer center Of Lebanon activities, funds for the treatment of kids.
Horizon - Drugs Free Zone, Lebanon
Armenian drug prevention and rehabilitation center based in Bourj Hammoud, Lebanon.
Lebanon Masonry - Grand Lodge of Lebanon
Information about formation and roles of the Grand Lodge of Lebanon and the Freemasonry.
Rotaract Club of Beirut
Rotary-sponsored service club for young men and women in Lebanon. Works locally, regionally, and internationally to combat hunger, improve health and sanitation, provide education and job training.
Cenacle de la Lumiere (CDLL), Lebanon
Non-profit organization in Lebanon serves individuals suffering from drug addiction problems as well as their families.
Fair Trade Lebanon
A non-profit NGO aims to improve the livelihoods of people in rural Lebanon. The fair trade is a means of building export opportunities for small producers and food-processing cooperatives.
Leaf Lebanon Education Aid Fund
Non-profit development organization of the General secretariat of Catholic schools in Lebanon. Established to respond to the growing needs of students and schools facing social and financial difficulties.
Wadi kannoubine Charitable Association Incorporated, Lebanon
Non profit association in Lebanon aims to urge all descendants of Wadi Kannoubine to join its community service.
Maitam Saida - Saidon Orphan Welfare Society, Lebanon
Information about Saidon orphan welfare society, Lebanon. Activities, members and contact details.
Riaaya Islamic Association, Lebanon
Non-profit organization helps poor families in South Lebanon.
Rosary Congregation, Lebanon
Established in Jerusalem with branches in Lebanon. Serves the public through the development of schools and cultural centers and hospitals.
Fraternity Organization, Lebanon
Non-profit organization helping in need children and youth in Lebanon.
Hewarna Project, Lebanon
Dialogue series for Lebanese youth on social, environmental, economic and political topics. Created by the association for forests, development and conservation.
The Lebanese Youth Association (LYA)
Lebanese non-profit organization provides cultural support to destitute and gifted students, and supplies socio-economic endorsement to people in need.
Thoulkorba Association, Lebanon
Lebanese-Arabic benevolent cultural association issuing cultural literature and establishing intellectual and scientific conferences.
Ayadina Association, Lebanon
Non-profit voluntary organization dedicated to community development for the destitute of all religions, ethnic backgrounds, and national origin. Based in the Sin El-Fil, Lebanon.
Beit Rita Charity Association, Lebanon
Charity association located in Zalka. Helps people in need, elders and orphans in Lebanon.
Donner Sang Compter, Lebanon
Project encourages volunteers in Lebanon to donate blood, platelets and plasma to patients in need. Website explains online registration.
Foi Et Lumiere, Lebanon
Non profit organization cares of intellectual disability cases in Lebanon.
Lebanese Street Kids Project
Project created by a group of students in College Notre Dame De Jamhour aims to highlight the plight of street children in Lebanon.
Cadmos Lodge 84, Lebanon
Official website of Cadmos lodge No.84, a freemasonry lodge in Lebanon. Includes historical view, masonic education and related information.
Friends of Faid Ireland for Supporting Deaf Children in Lebanon
Association in Ireland supports father Andeweg school for deaf children in Beirut, Lebanon.
Handicap Liban
Association in Lebanon collecting donations and seek funding for workshops to finance new projects and autonomy. Also develops mentoring for disabled and disadvantaged children to be hosted in specialized centers.
Humanitarian Group for Social Development (HGSD)
Non-governmental organization based in Lebanon concerned with poverty eradication and environmental protection.
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