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Public Administrations in Lebanon
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Ogero Telecom Lebanon
Official site of the Lebanese telecom operator.
National Employment Office, Lebanon
Conducts studies and research to set up an employment policy in Lebanon and find job opportunities for applicants through the employment bureau for the purpose of reducing the rate of unemployment.
Directorate General of the General Security, Lebanon
Official site of Directorate General of the General Security in Lebanon.
Civil Service Board, Lebanon
Official site of the Civil Service Board in Lebanon.
Informs.gov.lb - Central Administrative Information Office, Lebanon
The Lebanese Government portal for information and forms.
Rebuild Lebanon
Official website of the office of the Prime Minister on recovery efforts containing news on recovery and associated events, details on received donations and its earmarking, tendering and contract awards.
Lebanese Standards Institution
Official site of the Lebanese Standards Institution in Lebanon.
Presidency of the Lebanese Republic - Press Office
Official site of Press Office of the Presidency of the Lebanese Republic in Lebanon.
Educational Center for Research and Development, Lebanon
Official site of Educational Center for Research and Development in Lebanon.
Green Plan, Lebanon
Government ecological body under the Ministry of Agriculture for preserving greenery in Lebanon and engaging in environmental projects. History, organization chart, activities, projects and more.
Lebanese Agriculture Research Institute
Governmental organization under Minister of Agriculture Supervision. Conducts applied and basic scientific research for the development and advancement of the agricultural sector in Lebanon.
Lebanon Housing Institute
Provides information about the institute, in addition to procedures and documents required to apply for a housing loan.
Central Administration for Statistics, Lebanon
Official site of the Central Administration for Statistics - Presidency of the Council of Ministers in Lebanon.
Lebanese Customs Administration
Responsible for ensuring that goods and persons entering and exiting Lebanon are in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. International trade exchange, customs tariff and trade regulations.
Palais Unesco Lebanon
Cultural palace hosts conferences, meetings, lectures, exhibitions and celebrations in all different educational, scientific, cultural and art fields both local and internationl.
Council of Development and Reconstruction, Lebanon
Lebanese public authority established in 1977 in placement of the Ministry of Planning. CDR is responible in wide-scale reconstruction and development projects in Lebanon.
National Archives Center, Lebanon
Official site of the National Archives Centre in Lebanon.
Institute of Finance, Lebanon
Providing the officials of the Ministry with the expertise they need and supplying them with the statutory, financial and statistical references they need.
Investment Development Authority of Lebanon
Its role is to attract private capital investment in support of efforts of development anmd reconstruction in Lebanon. Under the auspices of the Presidency of Council of Ministers.
Central Inspection Board, Lebanon
Public administration connected to the council of ministers. Composed of the following inspection divisions: adminstrative, financial, engineering, education, health, social and agricultural.
Government Studies Lebanon
Public administration conducting studies and analysis for projects in the public sector.
Industrial Research Institute, Lebanon
Established in 1953. It is a Lebanese, not-for-profit institution, for industrial studies and research and scientific material testing and analysis.
Electricite Du Liban
Official site of Electricity Public Administration in Lebanon.
Regie Libanaise des Tabacs et Tombacs
Public administration responsible for the management of the monopoly of procurement, manufacturing and selling of tobacco and tombac in Lebanon.
General Directorate of State Security, Lebanon
Official Website of the General Directorate of State Security in Lebanon.
Central Fund for the Displaced, Lebanon
Public administration fund aims to finance the return and the housing of the Lebanese who were displaced during war.
Telecommunications Regulatory Authority, Lebanon
An independent authority responsible for licensing operators of telecommunications services, regulating the market, monitoring compliance and quality of service and keeping the consumers informed.
General Directorate of Personal Status, Lebanon
Official website of the General Directorate of Personal Status in Lebanon, the official directorate responsible for administering the elections in Lebanon.
Child Labor Unit, Lebanon
Unit for the Combat of Child Labour in Lebanon at the Ministry of Labour.
Syrian Lebanese Higher Council
Website of the Syrian Lebanese Higher Council.
Court of Audit, Lebanon
Attached to the Office of the Prime Minister, yet functions almost independently. An administrative body empowered to exercise judicial supervision over the expenditure of public funds.
IDREL - Institute for Documentation and Research on Lebanon
Official website of the Institute for Documentation and Research on Lebanon.
Domain: idrel.com.lb
Lebanese Civil Aviation Authority - Flight Safety Directorate (FSD)
Committed to develop and administer policies, regulations and services in order to promote and maintain safety and quality in civil aviation activities in Lebanon.
Special Investigation Commission - Fighting Money Laundering
Lebanon's Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), analyzes, investigates and ensures compliance of banks, financial institutions and other reporting entities with the AML/CFT regulations.
Higher Council of Privatization, Lebanon
Established as an authority in charge of planning and implementing the privatization program and its relevant operations.
Municipal Development Association, Lebanon
Performs studies and researches on economic, social and administrative infrastructure of the municipalities aiming at enhancing and improving the Municipal performance.
National Social Security Fund, Lebanon
Official website of the National Social Security Fund in Lebanon. Law, board of directors, services, medication lists and more.
Ministry of Culture - Directorate General of Antiquities, Lebanon
Website of the Directorate General of Antiquities, under the authority of the Ministry of Culture in Lebanon.
Economic and Social Council (ECOSC), Lebanon
Aims to cooperate and coordinate between various economic, social and vocational sectors in order to improve the industrial and other sectors in Lebanon.
Omsar Business and Operations Bureau, Lebanon
Aims at financing of municipal investment projects in solid waste management in Lebanon.
Mecanique - Motor Inspection Vehicle, Lebanon
Provides mechanical inspection checks of vehicles road-worthiness for conformity to technical standards and norms as set by the Ministry of Interior in Lebanon.
Republic of Lebanon - Donor's Support to Southern Lebanon
A project created by the Republic of Lebanon in order to support Southern Lebanon. Key projects, conference, contact details and more.
Population and Development Strategies Programme (PDS) Lebanon
Aims to improve the quality of life of the Lebanese people by improving their reproductive health status, reducing gender gaps in socioeconomic sectors and achieving a balance between population dynamics and socioeconomic development.
National Tobacco Control Program, Lebanon
A national program for tobacco control established in 1997 in Lebanon as a joint program between the Ministry of Public Health and the World Health Organization. Working towards a smoke-free Lebanon.
General Directorate of Civil Defense, Lebanon
Information, guidance, activities and contact details of the general directorate of civil defense in Lebanon.
EMWIS - Euro Mediterranean Water Information System, Lebanon
Website of Euro Mediterranean information system about water sector in Lebanon.
TMO Lebanon
Information website about The governing body of traffic, mechanisms and vehicles in Lebanon.
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