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Ministry of Environment, Lebanon
History, organigram, achievements, news, agreements, legislation, awareness, library, ongoing projects, nature, green links, environmental search engine.
Green Line, Lebanon
A non-political environmental organization independent of any government, group, or individual. It embraces the principle of environmentally sound development in the developing world.
Al-Bia wal Tanmia - Environment and Development Magazine
Leading Pan Arab monthly environment magazine in Arabic.
FAO Forestry - Lebanon
Information about forestry in Lebanon.
Liban Mer - Bahr Loubnan
Non-profit, non-governmental organisation aims to devise ways and means to clean the Lebanese coastline, prevent land and marine based pollution, preserve coastal and marine biodiversity.
Al-Shouf Cedars
Information about Al Shouf Cedars Society and Al Shouf Cedars Reserve.
Association for Forest Development and Conservation (AFDC)
A non-governmental organization, whose objectives are: Fighting forest fires and desertification
Advocacy and environmental education
Sustainable human development.
Al Mashriq - Lebanon's Environment
Articles by Fareed Abu Haidar covering the environmental situation in Lebanon brought through AlMashriq - Levant service.
Greenpeace Lebanon
Activities and campaigns of the organization fighting to protect the environment in Lebanon.
Green Hand, Lebanon
An environmental, social, cultural, non governmental organization in Lebanon. Focuses on several areas: environmental, social, cultural, anti-smoking, road accident safety and youth.
Cedars Forever
Lebanese organization committed to the preservation and reforestation of the Cedar in Lebanon, and raising awareness about the environment.
Envirotech Lebanon
Provides professional environmental consulting and servicing to private and public sector organisations.
Entotox Public Health sarl
Offers pest management and disinfecting services to commercial and residential properties in Lebanon.
Cedar Environmental
Home of the Dynamic Composting Technology, specializes in building material recovery facilities for the recycling of municipal solid waste.
Lebanese Center for Energy Conservation Project
Provides free, practical advice to business and public sector organizations to help reduce energy use.
ELARD - Earth Link and Advanced Resources Development
Providing assistance to engineering companies, industries and public agencies in finding solutions for problems related to the management of earth resources and the protection of the environment.
Amwaj of the Environment
Non profit, non-governmental association working towards protection of the environment, conservation of natural resources and biodiversity, and spreading environmental awareness within society.
Barouk National Reserve
Blog dedicated to the Barouk National Reserve in Chouf region. Information, photos and more.
Domain: barouk.blogspot.com
Terre Liban
Environmental organization working through campaigns towards preserving nature and environment in Lebanon.
The Forest of Cedar Friends Lebanon
Project aims to bring together citizens of all countries and nationalities to participate in the plantation of cedars in Lebanon.
National Campaign for Solid Waste Management
National Campaign for Solid Waste Management in Lebanon.
MORES Lebanon
An environmental consulting firm providing services in the fields of earth sciences and engineering, resource management, capacity building and institutional development.
Earth Time Group Lebanon
Privately owned firm specialized in providing consulting and contracting services in the field of earth and environmental sciences.
Lebanon Environment Website
A collaborative effort of influential environmental advocacy members to increase public awareness and activism on important environmental issues related to Lebanon.
Surf and Turf Lebanon
Beach cleaning company offers sand and coastal cleaning services for public and private beaches.
Photographic Guide to Wild Flowers of Lebanon Database
A book published by Dr. Ahmad Houri and Nisrine Machaka Houri covering information about different wild flowers commonly found in Lebanon.
Greendot, Lebanon
Specialized in importing and promoting solar energy solutions and environmental products in Lebanon.
Sukomi Company Lebanon
Part of Averda Group company for maintaining waste treatment plants as well as designing, operating and monitoring of landfills in Lebanon.
Nature Care Association (NCA), Lebanon
Non governmental organization seeks to provide solutions to long term problems of poverty and environmental degradation in Lebanon.
Youth Environment Parliament (YEP) Lebanon
Group of people working in order to present an awareness program for the Lebanese students about the environmental problems in Lebanon.
Lebanese Association for Energy Saving and for Environment (ALMEE)
Dedicated to energy saving and environment issues in order to achieving a sustainable and harmonious development in Lebanon and in the Mediterranean region.
Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon
Non profit and non governmental organization aiming to protect the nature, birds and the biodiversity of Lebanon.
Lebanese House Establishment for the Environment (LHEE)
Non governmental organization seeks to encourage the participation of youth in the environmental development process in Lebanon.
Najib Saab Website
Publisher and editor-in-chief of Al-Bia Wal-Tanmia magazine, secretary general of Arab Forum for Environment and Development and president of MECTAT, a regional environmental resource center in Beirut, Lebanon.
Trees 4 Lebanon
An organization to reforest the parts of Lebanon that have lost their greenness.
Green Cedar Lebanon
Lebanese organization committed to the preservation and reforestation of the Cedars in Lebanon. They launched a cedar-shaped jewelry and green Lebanon book to provide funds for the reforestation.
Wild Lebanon Environmental Website
Environmental website uniquely features Lebanese content, habitats, rich biodiversity and more.
New 7 Wonders
Website to vote for the new seven wonders including Jeita Grotto as a candidate of Lebanon.
Cedars Box Team, Lebanon
Special edition of 10452 cedar boxes to plant a cedar on every kilometer in Lebanon. Website features concept, how to order and contact details.
Beeatoona Website
Non governmental organization formed in 2008. Aims to promotion good environmental practices among Lebanese and Arab communities for a sustainable development.
Wikipedia - Horsh Beirut, Lebanon
Information about Horsh Beirut, an urban park in Beirut, Lebanon. Known as Horsh Al-Sanawbar or Bois de Pins. Covers about 300,000 square meters of green space within Beirut Municipality.
Ecobatt - Battery Recycle, Lebanon
Project launched by Beatoona, a Lebanese non governmental organization. The project aims to spread awareness concerning the environmental dangers of improperly disposed household used batteries.
Tannourine Cedars Forest Nature Reserve, Lebanon
Website of the Cedars Forest Nature Reserve in Tannourine, Lebanon. Featuring projects, news and events, photos and activities.
International Center for Sustainable Development and Studies
Center in Bouchrieh, Lebanon promoting for the implementation of international sustainable development and environmental awareness in the MENA region.
Jouzour Loubnan Team
Aims to participate in the restoration of Lebanese woodland and promote sustainable forestation in arid regions.
The Man in the Cube Blog
Project aims to raise urgency on the critical dangers of global warming and climate changes in Lebanon and the world.
Happy Planet Lebanon
Program launched by BankMed to ensure human and environmental well being in Lebanon.
Save Qadisha Valley Petition, Lebanon
Petition to save Annoubine Valley from serious plagues that are destroying it, such as violations in construction, deforestation, burning of waste, sewage flows and cars.
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